What is cosmetic glitter?

Cosmetic glitter is glitter that is made from plastic, usually a form of polyester, and is finer grain and cut into a circular shape. Cosmetic glitters are poly-bonded colored products that are double coated in plastic. This process  allows for extended color ranges with different hues. Makers of cosmetic glitters must follow good manufacturing procdures to ensure a product that will not harm the public. Be careful when purchasing cosmetic glitter, take care to make sure it is of a high quality, especially if you plan to use around the eyes.

Why should I spend the extra money on cosmetic glitter when I can just use craft glitter? 

Anyone who has ever worked with glitter can tell you that once you open the glitter container, you will never say goodbye to the glitter. It gets everywhere! Craft glitter is usually cut in hexagon shape (or a sharp angles), so if even one teeny tiny piece gets in your eye you run the risk of scratching your cornea or contracting an infection. Washing your hands after applying cosmetic glitter can also help reduce risks. By washing your hands, there is less glitter on your hands when you touch your eyes/face. Cosmetic glitter is cut with rounded edges to reduce this risk. Poly coated dyes are still used with craft glitters and the color can leak into your eye, however, the pigments used in cosmetic glitters are non toxic and FDA approved. Cosmetic glitter is more expensive than craft glitter. However, if you spend a short amount of time, you can find some fairly inexpensive options, ie. Sally's Beauty Supply.

How do I apply cosmetic glitter?

Always use an adhesive of some form. For example, if you want to have glitter on your lips, mix it with some lip gloss. If you apply loose glitter to your face, it won't stick right and it will rub off easily.


Is cosmetic glitter approved by the FDA?

While the pigments used in making cosmetic glitter have been approved, the FDA has not technically approved the use of glitter in cosmetics.  They do enforce the size of the glitter used in cosmetic glitter. Cosmetic glitter MUST be .008" and below. The FDA has stated that glitter is a non-permitted color additive. They do allow the use of glitter while they are taking time to research it's safety.