Originally this was to be about glitter, but something happened. I fell. 

Like any nurse that is worth her weight, I like to think of myself as Super Nurse (in spite of reality). Super Nurse  has excellent communication skills and solid communication. She is emotional stabile, is empathetic and flexible. She has extreme attention to detail with perfect interpersonal skills. Her physical endurance can out run the best staff on the team and her ability to problem solve is fueled by her total comprehensive medical knowledge and experience. All of which means  that she provide hands-on care to patients better than her perfect CNAs AND administers medications and performs treatments with knowledge more comprehensive than any doctor or pharmacist, manages intravenous lines, observes and monitors patients' conditions, maintaining records and communicating with doctors in a timely manner.  Super Nurse is able to do it all, even though she hasn't been to the bathroom in 12 hours or eaten anything in 24 hours and all with no sleep in 3 days.

However, like I said I fell, at work, and broke my wrist. Now, Super Nurse is  sitting and watching her wrist heal.

First lesson: LIFE HAPPENS. I can hear my father saying, "the best laid plans..."

I am a planner. All good things happen after the plans are made. If the plans are laid, then you know all your options and (as we all know) NOTHING can go wrong. I had so many plans for the next few weeks. I was going to buy a ticket to visit my sister and her family overseas, I was going to mix some glitters that I have stored in my head, I was going to... Now I find myself sitting and waiting.

Second lesson: PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Said someone, somewhere-someone who had already obtained patience. I often tell families of sick patients that "the easy part of recovery is over, now it's time to wait and heal." People who know me will tell you I hate waiting and I have no patience. I am learning. I am learning to catch up with old friends. I am learning to enjoy the company of my mother. I am learning to write left handed. I am learning... Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

Third lesson: Sometimes ACCEPTANCE and PATIENCE are good things. I know I need to learn that things don't always go as planned. It doesn't mean I have to stop planning, it just means that I need to be more flexible (like Super Nurse). I also need to be able to wait because, good things come to those that wait. I know that enjoying the small things is important. Now that I am learning to accept things with patience, I can enjoy the important things in life.