Awhile back a friend inadertently introduced me to glitter. Being more of a tomboy, I quickly dismissed the idea. However, it remained in the forefront of my mind. So, I began doing some research. A whole new world opened up to me, one of glittering gleam and rainbows...

The first thing I learned about glitter: GLITTER IS NOT  "JUST GLITTTER"!

 All glitter is not the same. When I thought of glitter I remembered the projects we did in school. Once in a great while, a teacher would allow us to use glitter on projects (teachers often sigh when glitter is mentioned). The glitter that was used on those projects was called CRAFT GLITTER.

 If you have need for lots of glitter, CRAFT GLITTER can be very cost effective. It is cheaper by the ounce and has lots and lots of sparkle. However, craft glitter is NOT solvent safe and it does fade over time with repeated exposure to sun and rain. 

 There are many different things you can use craft glitter for:

 card making,

 paper art, 

photo shoot effects,

 Christmas ornaments, 

sand art alternative, children's crafts, floral accents, party decorations,

 school art projucts, theater sets and costumes and SSOOO much more...

This journey into glitter has brightened my world and changed my outlook. I hope my travels in this new world can help to brighten your world too.

Have a gleaming day!