The next step into by world brought me to POLYESTER GLITTER.

POLYESTER GLITTER has many categories: metallic glitter, 

pearlescent glitter, 

iridescent glitter,

holographic glitter, fluorescent glitter mica elements, opaque glitter, transparent glitter, cosmetic grade glitter

and matte glitter-just to name a few. Rather than going into each category now I will just let you know a few things in general about POLYESTER GLITTER. 

POLYESTER GLITTER can be mixed into things for different applications. 

It is known for being solvent resistent. Most is UV safe, but adding a coat of UV resistant spray for extra protection is always a good idea for protection from sun fading. 

Generally speaking, it is also typically OK for use with gels and water exposure. However, every glitter has different resistence, as does every color. Testing of the glitter with the solvent is highly recommended prior to starting your project. 

POLYESTER GLITTER is typically more expensive that craft glitter. But, depending on the purpose of your project, you may get more bang for your buck. The flakes are thinner than craft glitter flakes, giving you seven times more flakes for the same weight. One pound of craft glitter covers 14 square feet, while one pound of POLYESTER GLITTER covers 100 square feet. 

FUN FACT: because the flakes are thinner, the glitter floats better in the air creating a fairy dust effect.